14.11.2018: I.VW Future.Talk 4/2018 “Blockchain Technology in the Insurance Industry”

Prof. Dr. Alexander Braun hosts the first I.VW-Future.Talk on “Blockchain Technology in the Insurance Industry” in Zug. Distributed ledger technology, also known as “Blockchain” technology and its potential applications in the insurance sector are currently being intensively discussed among academics and practitioners. Essentially, the Blockchain is a tamper-proof distributed database system, which works “trustless”, i.e. without the need for a reliable central authority. As such, it enables all participants to conduct verifiable, immutable, and traceable transactions, which can be arbitrarily complex. In essence, when connected to the Blockchain, all market participants share a common truth instead of having to reconcile their own private records to achieve a consensus. Due to the decentralized character and the computing-intensive nature of entries into the Blockchain, manipulations are virtually impossible. This is a huge advantage over traditional solutions, particularly in economic ecosystems with contrary interests, such as the insurance industry. Against this background, the Future.Talk 4 / 2018 will take a closer look at current developments among InsurTechs and incumbents. Key aspects will be potential use cases, collaboration possibilities, as well as the future evolution of the sector.


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