16.08.2019: Contribution to the Wharton Risk Center Climate Risk Solution Series

Prof Dr. Alexander Braun contributes the article “Redirecting the Capital Flows of the Insurance Industry” to the Climate Risk Solutions Series at the University of Pennsylvania. The series is a virtual ideation session hosted by the Wharton Risk Center, the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, the Penn Program on Regulation, and the Faculty Senate at UPenn. Its goal is to generate new policy-relevant and solution-oriented ideas that focus on U.S. national, state, or local strategies for tackling one or more of three interrelated types of climate risk: i) mitigation: how do we reduce emissions rapidly to minimize the risks of catastrophic shifts in earth systems?; ii) adaptation: how do we reduce the risks of physical climate impacts to households, communities, and businesses?; iii) transition: how do we minimize the transition risks for businesses and communities as we shift to a carbon-free economy in the face of uncertainty? Solutions to these risks are inherently interdisciplinary. The ideas outlined in the series come from researchers across schools and departments throughout the University of Pennsylvania. New solutions will be posted on a continuous basis throughout Summer 2019. The contribution of Alexander Braun is based on a joint research article with Sebastian Utz (HSG) and Jiahua Xu (EPFL) that won the 2019 Shin Research Excellence Award of the Geneva Association and the International Insurance Society (IIS).


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