02.07.2019: Contribution to Block Valley Podcast

Prof. Dr. Alexander Braun is interviewed on the Block Valley Podcast. Block Valley is a EU/CH-focused podcast dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In each episode, host Alain Walder, interviews founders, investors and researchers with an emphasis on how blockchain and crypto are changing the financial industry. Block Valley goes beyond the hype in Bitcoin, Ethereum as well as Altcoins and tackles topics like decentralized finance (DeFi), tokenization, security token offerings (STOs), stablecoins, and more. The interview with Prof. Dr. Braun focuses on blockchain applications in risk management and insurance. Insurance giants and startups alike are seeking to use blockchain technology to prevent insurance fraud, digitally track medical records, increase the efficiency of insurance functions as well as the interoperability in the health insurance ecosystem. Blockchain technology has the potential to become a transformative force for the insurance industry, in which many different intermediaries with different incentives need to coordinate. Together with Alain Walder, Prof. Dr. Braun reflects on the possibilities of blockchain for incumbents and new applications being developed by insurtech start-ups. In addition, he sheds some light on the latest blockchain economics research project of his team at the Institute of Insurance Economics.


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