I.VW | Unser Range of Lectures
Institute of Insurance Economics

Course TitleCourse NumberHSFS
Risikomanagement und Kommunikation3,132X
Insurance Management3,162X
Marketing: Übungen und Selbststudium3,100X
Master (MBF)
Course TitleCourse NumberHSFS
Management of Risk and Insurance 8,176X
Asset Liability Management for Insurance Companies 8,178X
Insurance Operations 8,153X
Value Based Management in Insurance 8,154X
Theory of Risk and Insurance 9,168X
Research Seminar Insurance I8,155X
Research Seminar Insurance II 9,160X
Stochastic Modeling in Insurance 9,170X
Business Game Risk Management and Insurance 9,174X
Insurance-Linked Securities 9,188X
Master (MSC)
Course TitleCourse NumberHSFS
Customer Value in Financial Services and Insurance8,066X
Contextual Studies
Course TitleCourse NumberHSFS
History of Insurance8,798X
History of Finance8,766X
Course TitleCourse NumberHSFS
Topics in Insurance Economics10,158X
Topics in Insurance and Risk Management10,164X
Forschungsschwerpunkte in Financial Services10,212X

The extensive range of I.VW courses at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate level enables more than 250 students per semester to build up comprehensive knowledge in the insurance industry and risk management.
In addition, the I.VW-HSG provides the know-how not only to students, but also to interested people who are not (or not yet) studying at our university within the framework of the public lecture series.

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