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Call for papers: Microinsurance

The Geneva Association is pleased to announce a fifth special issue of The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance—Issues and Practice (July 2024 issue) on Microinsurance.

The issue will be edited by Prof. Martin Eling (University of St. Gallen, I.VW-HSG) and Prof. Yi Yao (Peking University). Submissions related to any of the three aspects of the value proposition of microinsurance are encouraged:

  1. Offering the insured insurance products that address their perceived priorities (contextualised products) at prices they regard as affordable and with a better cost/benefit ratio than other financial transactions (e.g. savings or credit);
  2. Enabling insurers to diversify their customer base, products and business processes;
  3. Creating the local civic infrastructure necessary for increasing risk management literacy to catalyse an insurance market in the informal sector.

The following topics are of great interest, but the editors will also consider other suggestions:

  • Experience with involving insureds – individually or in groups – in microinsurance products (e.g. package design, pricing, claims adjudication, administration)
  • The impact of microinsurance on welfare gains and financial protection as well as its contribution to economic growth and reducing inequality; microinsurance-driven improvements for the insured (micro level) and economic growth (macro level)
  • Microinsurance development (e.g. product innovations, marketing distribution)
  • Evidence of innovative risk-bundling or innovation in methods (e.g. new data modelling, obtaining high-resolution data)
  • Closing protection gaps: Implementation of increased insurance uptake in the informal sectors of low- and middle-income countries
  • New technological applications (InsurTech) in microinsurance
  • The effects of crop/agricultural microinsurance on food security and rural-urban migration, and new technologies in agricultural insurance
  • Experiences with health microinsurance, also in light of COVID-19
  • Microinsurance regulation: The good, the bad, and the missing
  • Social and ethical aspects of and barriers to microinsurance
  • (Micro)insurance education and awareness raising: What works, what does not?
  • Microinsurance and climate risk

Papers may be submitted electronically at any time, but no later than 15 June 2023, via The Geneva Papers submission site. All suitable manuscripts will be peer-reviewed. For further information on The Geneva Papers, visit the Palgrave website.

Author: Elisabeth Heidecke

Date: 24. October 2022