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Prof. Dr. Manuel Rach
Research Area Life and Pension Insurance

Manuel Rach is an Assistant Professor of Risk Management and Insurance at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). Before working as a postdoc at the Institute of Insurance Sciences at Ulm University, he received his doctorate summa cum laude in economics (Dr. rer. pol.) at Ulm University under the supervision of Professor An Chen. Manuel holds a M.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Management from Ulm University and a M.Sc. degree in Mathematics from Illinois State University. He has received various awards, including but not limtied to a UUG Prize (“Promotionspreis der Ulmer Universitätsgesellschaften”), the “FPSB Deutschland Wissenschaftspreis” a “Berliner Preis für Versicherungswissenschaften” and a SCOR Prize in Actuarial Science. He is a member of the German Actuarial Association (Aktuar DAV) and a member of the German Society of Insurance and Financial Mathematics (DGVFM).

Research Focus

The research and teaching focus of the area lies on life and pension insurance, considering both policyholders’ and insurers’ perspectives. Our research aims to provide solutions to academic debates as well as practical issues. To deliver appropriate solutions to our research questions, we rely on an interdisciplinary approach, combining pure and applied mathematics, economics, finance and computer science. Currently, our research mainly contributes to the following topics:

  • Optimal retirement planning
  • Innovative retirement and life insurance products
  • Optimal asset allocation
  • Risk sharing and collective decisions under uncertainty
  • Behavioral economics
  • Risk management