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Doctoral students of the I.VW-HSG received PhDs

Coinciding with the start of the spring semester on February 20, 2023, 52 doctoral students received their PhDs. Of these, three PhDs were awarded to the following doctoral students from the Institute of Insurance Economics  at the University of St.Gallen (I.VW-HSG):

  • Dr. oec. HSG Omid Ghavibazoo
  • Dr. oec. HSG Christoph Jaenicke
  • Dr. oec. HSG Jonas Raphael Jahnert

This dissertation of Omid Ghavibazoo consists of three essays that offer a holistic view of the challenges existing in the market for private long-term care insurance and a deeper analysis of the behavioral and actuarial aspects of that product. It explores the existing research gaps and anomalies found in this market and provides appropriate answers using both economic and actuarial frameworks. In particular, this dissertation focuses more on demand for private long-term care insurance. Read more here:

This dissertation of Christoph Jaenicke discusses topics on the securitization of cyber risks, the reputational risk of cyber events as well as the differentiation between financial and pension literacy. The investigation is organized in four essays: Essay one and essay two investigate the cyber risk transfer via insurance-linked securities (ILS) and complement each other. Essay three adds to the cyber literature by assessing the impact of privacy regulation on reputational losses. Essay four examines differences and determinants of pension literacy and financial literacy. Read more here:

This dissertation of Jonas Raphael Jahnert empirically investigates the consumer behavior of insurance customers to draw implications for the strategic decisions of insurers. The implications are relevant for decisions regarding customer and pricing strategies as well as the development of sustainable insurance products. The first paper analyzes whether satisfied customers are also profitable customers. The second paper examines, how insurance companies can optimize their pricing strategies in a regulated and competitive market, considering customers willingness to pay (WTP). The subsequent two papers examine the purchasing behavior of sustainable insurance products. Read more here:

Autor: Elisabeth Heidecke

Datum: 5. März 2023