Moderating this panel is Alexander Braun, Director & Associate Professor at the Institute of Insurance Economics (University of St. Gallen), alongside a distinguished lineup of speakers:

  • Raimund Snyders, Partner at LeapFrog Investments,
  • Camila Serna, EVP, Global Head of Digital Acceleration at Chubb, and
  • Garance Wattez-Richard, CEO of AXA Emerging Customers.

This discussion is a part of The Geneva Association’s 50-th anniversary celebration, aligning with the international association of insurance companies.

The realm of Insurtech, encompassing digital and various emerging technologies, holds the potential to extend insurance coverage to a broader population, contributing to societal resilience and welfare. On the supply side, Insurtech enhances risk assessment and operational efficiency, thereby increasing the availability of insurance. On the demand side, insurtech improves the affordability, accessibility, and the appeal of insurance products, playing a pivotal role in managing risks associated with natural catastrophes, agriculture, health, and more. Leveraging insights gained from diverse experiences, this panel will deliberate on the strategic imperatives of Insurtech, exploring its capabilities, limitations, and the role it can play in promoting inclusive insurance. This involves contemplating aspects that span from designing microinsurance for low-income populations to addressing protection gaps for the middle class.

To explore in-depth insights and perspectives on this theme, click the button below to listen to the full panel discussion.

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