Join us on 20th February 2024 for an enriching webinar where, in collaboration with the AFIR-ERM (Finance, Investment & ERM), ASTIN (Non-Life Insurance), and IACA (Consulting Actuaries), we will delve into the dynamic realm of Cyber Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS). Engage with insightful discussions led by distinguished speakers Prof. Dr. Alexander Braun and Prof. Dr. Martin Eling, with Brian Fannin as the session moderator.

This engaging session explores the viability of transferring cyber risks through insurance-linked securities (ILS). The conversation encompasses the desired attributes of cyber ILS, investor return expectations, and insurers’ equity costs. A comprehensive analysis, including a meticulous comparison with investors’ expected Rate on Line, aims to synchronize the cyber ILS market’s demand and supply.

Our findings suggest that the success of cyber ILS for both cedents and investors relies on a profound understanding of cyber risk. Addressing challenges related to cyber risk modeling is crucial for the meaningful establishment of a cyber ILS market.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of cyber insurance-linked securities. Register now and stay informed!

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