Chair for Insurance Management

Research Focus

The Chair for Insurance Management works internationally, empirically, and application-oriented. The current research focus of the chair include the following areas:

  • Digitalization (cyber risk, big data and artificial intelligence)

  • Microinsurance

  • Social security (pension and healthcare)

Other research fields of the chair are asset management, risk management, performance measurement, and regulation.

Chair Lead

Martin Eling K

Prof. Dr. Martin Eling

Chairholder, Full Professor of Insurance Economics


  • Freyschmidt Marcel e1693905272202

    M.Sc. Marcel Freyschmidt

    Research Associate
  • yang liu scaled e1689152408422

    M.A. Yang Liu

    Research Associate
  • Ning Dingchen e1693905145795

    M.A. Dingchen Ning

    Research Associate
  • WalterJakob e1693905365694

    M.Sc. Jakob Walter

    Research Associate