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The St.Galler Trendmonitor für Risiko- und Finanzmärkte is published four times a year. In the contributions, practical experts and academics present the latest findings on topics from the field of financial services. In addition, conferences, studies and research results are selected and summarized for you.

Current issue

Alongside well-known challenges such as the sovereign debt crisis, the refugee crisis, Covid-19, and climate change, new problems are emerging, including a war in Europe, energy shortages, high cost of living, and disrupted supply chains. We should be prepared for the further crises. In this edition of Trendmonitor, we delve into the realm of companies and their strategies for managing risks during tumultuous times. Industrial insurers can serve as steadfast partners, guiding businesses towards greater resilience. However, the ever-present challenge of cyber risks persists. We hope that the topics covered in this edition pique your interest. Enjoy the reading!

  • Industrieversicherung: Neue Kompetenzen und innovative Lösungswege für eine komplexere Welt

  • Marine Trend Radar 2023 – Munich Re’s Comprehensive trend analysis and expert assessment

  • Expanding commercial P&C’s market relevance

  • Leveraging the power of digitalisation to turn climate data into actionable insights

  • Wie die effektive Digitalisierung der Industrieversicherung gelingt

  • AI in Insurance: The role of smart data ingestion

  • Captives und ihre Rolle in der Industrieversicherung – Chancen, Herausforderungen und aktuelle Trends

  • The supply of cyber risk insurance- in the US

  • Future.Talk 3/2023 – Data-Driven Insurance und die Zukunft in der Cloud

Our professional magazine «St.Galler Trendmonitor für Risiko- und Finanzmärkte» has been the I.VW-HSG trendsetter for the German-speaking insurance industry for 40 years now. As part of the Future.Value service packages, the magazine can be obtained free of charge exclusively by employees of Future.Value partner companies and features carefully curated articles written by pre-selected authors in either German or English. You can order the magazine (PDF or physical) here.

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Submission of Contributions

If you would like to publish an article in our Trendmonitor, please send it to our editorial team for evaluation in digital or written form. Manuscripts submitted for publication are reviewed by the editors with regard to their quality and relevance to the content.

Future topics:

  • Q2 / 2024: Health insurance

  • Q3 / 2024: Diversity and inclusion

  • Q4 / 2024: Emerging markets

Please also ensure to follow our authors’ guidelines (PDF) to prepare your article upon successful application. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Editorial Team

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  • Prof. Dr. Hato Schmeiser
    Professor and Managing Director

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Eling
    Professor and Director

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Biener
    Professor and Director

  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Braun
    Professor and Director

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