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Discover our I.VW-HSG executive education program portfolio: the perfect combination of proven management concepts, industry knowledge and tailor-made programs for aspiring and experienced executives. We accompany you on your way to taking on demanding management tasks and offer invaluable added value through the application of research results in the insurance industry.

Executive Programmes

Our modular training program offers you a comprehensive range of services tailored to your individual development stages. We cordially invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity and advance your professional development with us!


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Generalagentur- und Vertriebsmanagement

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9 Tage
Führungskräfte im Kundenmanagement von Versicherung, Vorsorge und Finanzdienstleistung vertiefen sich zu Erfolgsfaktoren im Vertriebsmanagement der Zukunft.
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Basisseminar Fit for Insurance

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3 Tage
Als Neu- oder Quereinsteiger:in in der Versicherungsbranche erarbeiten Sie sich versicherungstechnische und finanzwirtschaftliche Grundlagen.
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Fit for Insurance Online Course

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3 weeks
Newcomers and career changers to the international insurance industry can deepen their knowledge in this short virtual seminar.
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AI and Data for Insurance Executives

4 weeks (15 hours)
Harness the power of data & AI to revolutionise your insurance strategies. Stay ahead of the industry.
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Inhouse Seminars

Company Specific Programs

In our customized in-house events, current research results, the industry experience and the management knowledge of the I.VW-HSG are adapted to the specific questions of the client. In many cases, these executive education activities involve intensive collaboration with renowned colleagues from the University of St.Gallen and other universities in Switzerland and abroad.

I.VW’s insight modules for executives aim to translate fundamental research findings into practical implications for insurance company management. Companies can choose from the full range of I.VW research topics to develop customized programs for executives. Each of the Insight modules is based on rigorous insurance research projects for which the faculty stands in both academia and practice.

Insight Modules

Info Sessions

Attend an informative online session to learn more about selected programs and get an overview of the curriculum and program components, as well as admission criteria and the application process, followed by a Q&A session.

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