Behavioral and Experimental Research in Risk and Insurance

Research Focus

The team is interested in improving our understanding of human decision making under risk and uncertainty by integrating insights from economics and psychology. We use experiments and real-world data to provide a more accurate description of human behavior in risky situations with a particular interest in violations of standard rationality and means to improve welfare. Our research contributes to ongoing debates in the academic literature and in practice to provide implications for contemporary real-world challenges. The following list provides a selection of current areas of research:

  • Characterization of risk and uncertainty preferences

  • Resolution of incentive and selection problems in insurance

  • The role of uncertainty and ambiguity preferences

  • Insurance demand and contract nonperformance risk

  • The role of pro-social preferences under risk and uncertainty

  • Honesty and technology

  • Health insurance

Research Lead

Christian Biener K

Prof. Dr. Christian Biener

Associate Professor of Behavioral Risk Management


  • Walthes Felix e1693905391204

    M.A. Felix M. Walthes

    Research Associate
  • Zou Lan e1693906386518

    M.Sc. Lan Zou

    Research Associate